Monday, December 12, 2016

Writing about robots in society

Write a paragraph describing how robots are being used in your country. How do you feel about them? In what ways will they positively and negatively affect society? 
There are a lot of places where robots can be used.

Robots are used in a nuclear power industry. Loading a nuclear fuel to the reactor is a good example of using robots there, where people can't be due to dangerous environment. Russian government believes that domestic producing of robots for this purposes lead to keeping an independence nuclear companies from economical and political issues, so robots are produced there by Russian industry.

Humanoid like robots are not common in Russia, they could be used only for entertainment as a "cool stuff". The robots are used often in manual routine work. In that case, the choice between worker or robot depends on the economical estimate (where expenses lower).

Pilots of the planes use a special automatic navigate system "autopilot" which is also kind of robot. Vendor machine represents the robot for selling some goods. When we hear recorded voice as an answering-machine for telephone calls we say "robot answered". Even when we are repeating words inside the application for studying English with voice recognition we may feel as if the robot is teaching as. Robots are everywhere, robots are among us... It sounds mysterious and a little scary.

This story was written as a homework and corrected by teacher Terezia M in online English school EF English Live

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