Sunday, March 23, 2014

What's the iPad Good For?

Task: Write a customer review for a product that you recently bought.

Somebody asked me to describe my opinion about THE Ipad. Is it very useful or not so much comparED TO THE Iphone.

This is my conclusion about THE advisability of this purchase.

First of all it is A very good reader. Before I bought it I thought that nothing could substitute traditional reading (on paper). Now I think DIFFERENTLY. It Isn't necessary to find A WELL-LIT place for reading because the source of the light IS insight that gadget.

Second, We can read a lot OF newspapers, magazines, encyclopedia pages for free.

We can use it instead of TV (it needs to HAVE a good internet connection), AND DVD-players.

I found that it is very comfortable to use A digital dictionary there. But it is for people who study foreign languages.

But if you are not interested in the activities which I mentioned above, you don’t need to buy this gadget. Using THE iphone could be enough for you.


The capital letters show my mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

Sunday, March 16, 2014

How we can use the Virtual World “Second Life” ( for studying English

Lots of people ask me about my avatar which I use for my Google+ account. My usual answer is “It is my avatar from Second Life. It is a virtual word which I used (and sometimes use now) TO practice English. Further THIS QUESTION follows: “How do you use it?”.

This is a short SET OF instructionS.

First of all we need to register there and choOse the name and an avatar. THE next step is THE DOWNLOAD and installation of the special program-client.
After you enter this program (it looks similar to ANY usual game, but it is not exactly A game), you will appear in the virtual world. You can move there and you can communicate with other residents (WHICH IS WHAT PEOPLE ARE CALLED there).
I remember when we travelled there with Tony (he was my English teacher there), he showed me the virtual Alamo (Texas, USA) and described some details about this fortress which he DISCOVERED when he was there in real life. He said “Look AT this floor. I remember these cracks and the smell of dampness from the basement.”

One detail. We need to understand how the program-client works, it could be a little difficult for the new residents. ALSO your internet connection and computer must be good enough.
After solving these problems you can enjoy studying there.
Extra links:
The AlamO from real life:
The Alamo from virtual life:
Some OF my discriptions about the classes in this world you can find on my blog here (in the previous years on THE timeline of the blog).


The capital letters show my mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

Saturday, March 8, 2014

English: Writing 09/03/2014

English: Writing
Teacher: Audrey Ross

The capital letters show my mistakes which was corrected by teacher.

Task: Write a set of detailed instructions on how to do something specific.

Welcome everybody here TO my Internet page.

As you can see, my Internet site IS dedicated to describing THE process of studying English. It is necessary for studying foreign languages to find A convenient way TO COMMUNICATE. Here ARE simple instructionS ON using Google+ hangouts.

First of all you need to have a google account. After you log in there, you need to install THE plugin for this browser.

THE next step is to enter your account and start a new Google+hangout. The system will offer you to invite the guests for your hangout or to make it public. You can start recording this session BY clicking on the button “Hangout on Air”. The system creates A special link which you can copy TO share with other people.

The most important thing is to find participaNTS for thAT SPECIFIC hangout. You can use the feature of searching in youR Google+hangout account. Type “hangout” there and you will see lots of open public hangouts. You can choose one and join.

Last detail : it is A free service.

Good luck On studying,


English: Writing 08/03/2014

Teacher: Audrey Ross

Task: You are a business manager. Write an apology email to a client about a problem with their service and how it will be resolved

Dear sir.
I know that you had a problem with THE hotel administration during the trip that our company offered you. They asked you to SWITCH FROM 4 PEOPLE PER ROOM to 2 PEOPLE PER ROOM.

We made a short investigation of that incident with THE hotel administration and we ALL want to apologize about it FIRSTLY.

THE director of the hotel explained TO us that the reason they changed your room was BECAUSE IT WAS necessary to repair THE part of the hotel where your room was reserved.

They’d like to give you compensation for THIS SMALL inconvenience and OFFER you 3 FREE DAYS for the next season, if you decide to stay in that hotel again.

Our company would REALLY appreciate  your loyalty if you stay with us and we would want OFFER you A 5% discount for ANY trip  next season.

Sincerely yours,
Anatoly Verbling, manager of Verbling’s tour LTD.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

English: Writing 02/03/2014

Teacher: Audrey Ross

Task: Write an email to your friend asking for an enormous favor.

Hello Peter!

IT HAS BEEN A Long time SINCE I emailED you. How are you? I hope you are OK. I’m good too. I started to study English in A new online school 1 month ago and now I have a lot of friends there.

Just yesterday we talked there about organizing a party in A real place (not online of course). We discussed about A place where we could spend two days and where participators could stay for a night. And I remembered you. You live in S-Petersburg, this place is suitable for foreigners to visit. And you have a huge apartment, BIG enough for 10 people (1 teacher and 9 students from our class).

I’d like to ask you to DO me a favour. Could you please LET us STAY AT your house for this party?

HUG your wife FOR ME. I hope to see you there.

According to the Russian proverb (in English interpretation)  “The more, the merrier” and “There is always room for one more” :)


English: Writing 01/03/2014

Teacher: Audrey Ross
Task: Write a customer review for a product that you recently bought.
Hello. My name is Anatoly. I’m writing you by request of THE shop assistant who asked me to post a comment after one month OF using THE IMac which I bought in youR netshop. Here it is.
I haven’t BEEN completely satisfied WITH that purchase. I expected to use lots of benefits which youR staff described TO me as HIGH speed, convenience, good lookS and so on. But what DO I have ?
The speed isn’t high COMPARED TO MY PC. I can’t play comfortably in the games which I used to play on MY PC.
About convenience I can’t deny that quality. And this deviCe LOOKS GOOD.
But THE main problem is that I can’t feel free in using all THE resources of my computer as I could before on MY PC.
My conclusion is:
This choice was wrong for me, it could be good for others.
BUT anyway I’d like to say thanks TO your customer service for their good job.