Saturday, March 8, 2014

English: Writing 08/03/2014

Teacher: Audrey Ross

Task: You are a business manager. Write an apology email to a client about a problem with their service and how it will be resolved

Dear sir.
I know that you had a problem with THE hotel administration during the trip that our company offered you. They asked you to SWITCH FROM 4 PEOPLE PER ROOM to 2 PEOPLE PER ROOM.

We made a short investigation of that incident with THE hotel administration and we ALL want to apologize about it FIRSTLY.

THE director of the hotel explained TO us that the reason they changed your room was BECAUSE IT WAS necessary to repair THE part of the hotel where your room was reserved.

They’d like to give you compensation for THIS SMALL inconvenience and OFFER you 3 FREE DAYS for the next season, if you decide to stay in that hotel again.

Our company would REALLY appreciate  your loyalty if you stay with us and we would want OFFER you A 5% discount for ANY trip  next season.

Sincerely yours,
Anatoly Verbling, manager of Verbling’s tour LTD.

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