Saturday, July 30, 2016


Now prepare your presentation on which kind of renewable energy would be beneficial to your city.

Choosing a renewable energy source for Moscow Moscow is located in the place where no resources for using energy of water. Lack of biological material in a such of large Megapolis doesn't allow us to use the biomass source.

One of the possible options is to install on Moscow's roofs lots of the solar panels for accumulating energy of the sun and transformation it to electricity. Converting energy to thermal form is not effective way because during the season when we need thermal energy (winter) we don't have enough sun.

Moscow has a good human resource for producing solar panels and for maintaining them. Relatively high cost isn't a big problem because Moscow city has a large financial resource.

There are a few places in Moscow where the power of wind is suitable for installing wind turbines.

Comparing a cost of different ways of producing energy shows us that the traditional ways of producing energy are much cheaper than using renewable energy source. It means that without government's program of protection we are not able to achieve the aim of creating the environmental friendly technology of producing energy. Giving tax benefits can help in that deal.

The support of society%% is a very important too. I hope that a publishing of this presentation could provide the idea of using renewable sources of energy even there where it hadn't planned before.

Spelling: Proofread your spellings before submitting the writing as misspellings can ruin the writing. e.g.,” ....has a large financial resource." Remove space: Please take care with your punctuation and remember to leave a space after all punctuation marks, e.g., "...One of the possible options is to install on Moscow's roofs lots of the solar panels for..."

This topic was written and corrected by teacher Nancy K in online school (former englishtown)

Friday, July 22, 2016

Creating Ad

You are designing an ad campaign for Century watches, a luxury brand. Read the email from the advertising agency and look at the three images and slogans. Choose which image and slogan you want to use and describe your campaign.

Elizabeth Hamilton
We’ve selected three images and slogans for your final review. I’ve attached them below. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Elizabeth Hamilton
Advertising Associate
Gloss Advertising
Century is timeless beauty.
Golf and Century. The perfect team.
Your glamour; your Century.

Elizabeth Hamilton
Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you for your help. We’ve selected the third image and slogan from your email. The picture provides the idea of fashion, glamour and has a historical, nostalgia connotation. The slogan "Your Glamour; your Century" uses the word "century" in a double meaning: as a time period and as a brand.
Here are some details about our ad campaign:
We are going to start with the concert of very famous jazz-band. Musicians will be mentioning us as sponsors. They would create a strong connotation between "good old times" and name our campaign "Century".
We are planning to invite for the concert a legend of jazz (we haven't decided who it would be) and present to this musician Century watches. We hope that it will encourage customers to buy our production product as a present for very important events.
The main focus of our ad campaign is to make it for customers clear clear to the customers that the quality of watches is so high that it would be possible to use them for many years. It is what our brand highlights.
Thanks again for your assistance,

Please check your work to be sure that there are no words missing. If you leave out words in a sentence, you will not be able to convey your meaning clearly. For example: [ The main focus of our ad campaign 'is' to make 'it' clear to the customers that the quality of watches 'is' so high that it would be possible to use them for many years.]

Please be careful with your choice of words and make sure you choose the correct words to make the meaning clear. For example: [ We hope that it will encourage customers to buy our 'product' as a present for very important events]. You need to use the word 'product' because it means 'an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale'. The word you have used 'production' means 'the action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials, or the process of being so manufactured'.

Sujata D

Friday, July 15, 2016

Monday, July 11, 2016

New York, New York …

Write about crime

It is considered that New York is the capital city of the crime. This image was created by Hollywood. I think it is only a partly true, I was in New York and didn't witness any crime actions.

Large megalopolises attract criminals from all the country. Drug barons are searching there market for their drugs, financial swindlers are hunting for money of careless tourists.

The tourists buy souvenirs with images of gangsters from Chicago, karate guys from Hong Kong. Some of the tourists anticipate to load in the atmosphere of colorful past times. It has a few things in common with current life there. But it is likely that the guests of the biggest cities would become victims of petty crimes, the guides always advise the tourists to watch their purses.

About New York... Let's do not make a snap judgment. Crimes are committed anywhere, it is not a privilege of the one city.

Shakespeare meets in Moscow metro

After a trip in the metro-train today, which is dedicated to Shakespeare - I wanted to learn English to a point to say "I read Shakespeare in the original"

July 11, 2016

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Brexit (Analysis Using Class Material)

School: , task:
Write about a trade agreement

It so happened that the class material was dedicated to a subject of hot discussions in the news. It was about the UK's decision to leave the European Union (the EU).

There was a wide discussion on some of reasons why the British voted for Brexit (Brexit, an abbreviation of "British exit"):
1.) Migrants crisis
2.) Not elected, unaccountable and expensive euro bureaucrats, lack of national powers.
3.) Difficulties in providing domestic products and higher level of unemployment

The class material included some conclusions about a link between the current economic situation and trade policy. Trade protectionism occurs usually after a period of crisis or depression. The main reason is to provide protection for domestic products.

Free market is a preferable economic model during times of stability. Honest competition is a base for market economics.

The decision of the UK to leave the EU means that crisis is already here. Does not sound optimistic? But understanding a problem is only one way to solve it ...

Teacher's note:
1. Verb tense: It was about the UK's decision to leave the European Union. We use the Simple Past Tense to denote an action that has been completed.

2. Word choice: It was about the UK's decision to leave the European Union. The correct word to be used is ‘European’ in place of 'Euro' as it is more appropriate. Please choose the correct word to express your thought. Use an English dictionary or thesaurus to locate and understand unfamiliar words and phrases and their meanings.

Teacher Geeta M

Friday, July 1, 2016

Marga's Reading Lounge 02/07/2016


Write a clear email to your teacher, giving an update about a task you're working on.

Attention to administration,

I'm writing you to update you on the process of preparing the presentation for my colleagues about our school.

On the first slides I demonstrate some general goals for studying English and how people who study language would be promoted for the a higher position in their careers. I’m presenting a class material which is divided for into 17 levels and includes many interesting topics. Using microphone and voice recognition tools gives to learners feelings online interaction with program although actually it works offline.

The core type of studying are group classes. The program for it is Adobe Connect. It is less effective than Google hangouts (just my opinion) but it includes a few good features which Google hangouts doesn't have. For example a button for raising hand. The program works better when the internet connection is not strong enough.

I'm going to show the audience some disadvantages where school administration should continue working. We don't have suitable ways for communication outside class rooms. I think that the organizing free chat would be welcomed by students.

The last slides are dedicated to describing of the tools that the school uses. I highlighted the possibilities to use mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones.

Forgot to mention. Feedback from teachers after group classes and writing exercise is not only useful but also very inspiring.

I'll send you the presentation as soon as it will be ready.

Sincerely yours, Anatoly

Teacher's comments:
I recommend that you review verb placement in your sentences. For example you wrote, "which divided" instead of, "which is divided." Reviewing verb use will help to strengthen your writing. I recommend that you review where to place articles in your sentences. For example you wrote, "button" instead of, "a button." Reviewing article placement will help to strengthen your writing.

Teacher Julia D