Monday, July 11, 2016

New York, New York …

Write about crime

It is considered that New York is the capital city of the crime. This image was created by Hollywood. I think it is only a partly true, I was in New York and didn't witness any crime actions.

Large megalopolises attract criminals from all the country. Drug barons are searching there market for their drugs, financial swindlers are hunting for money of careless tourists.

The tourists buy souvenirs with images of gangsters from Chicago, karate guys from Hong Kong. Some of the tourists anticipate to load in the atmosphere of colorful past times. It has a few things in common with current life there. But it is likely that the guests of the biggest cities would become victims of petty crimes, the guides always advise the tourists to watch their purses.

About New York... Let's do not make a snap judgment. Crimes are committed anywhere, it is not a privilege of the one city.

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