Sunday, September 9, 2012

Holiday in Aqua sol Sun Palace Hotel (island Rhodes, Greece)
A few months ago we discussed  writing travelogues and reviews in the class (small description, which could be help people to choose hotel for the holiday).
And now I have an opportunity to share this review with people as an exercise for improving writing skills before I post it to  the site
We had a two week holiday in Aqua sol Sun Palace Hotel (island Rhodes, Greece) in August 2012. It is located in the village Faliraki where you can find a lot of tourist shops, cafes and restaurants, bars and clubs.
Most of the tourists there came from the UK.
The size of the hotel is not so big. We stayed in the room with two bedrooms and a  patio. It was in good working condition.
There is a big and comfortable hall and two restaurants, one of which has an a la carte menu.
The swimming pool is not deep and is rather small. Sometimes it was difficult to find free places near the swimming pool. There was an entertainment oriented mostly for English and German tourists. Two times a day you can play some games there such as as water-polo and volleyball. Sometimes it was difficult to swim due to the large number of people in the swimming pool.
The entertainment in the evening is rather simple. There is a mini disco for kids at 9.00 p.m., then Bingo and a show at 22.00.
The price for Wi-fi is 4 euro per hour.  The cost to rent a safe is 40 euro for two weeks.  
The usual menu for breakfast consists of flakes with milk and eggs with bacon, greek salad, tomatoes, yogurt, cookies, soft drinks, fruits (watermelons, pears, apples, bananas, grapes), tea and coffee. Four stars is a right mark for this hotel.
The sea is amazing! It is really nice and quiet, and the water is very clean and warm. During our holiday there were no waves in the sea at all.  The distance  from the hotel to the sea is near 300 meters. There is a sandy ground in the sea. All the beaches in Rhodes belong to municipalities and are free. Tourists get to the beaches from hotels on the buses or by foot.  
There are about 300 sunny days per year. Western and Eastern shores of the island are different from each other.  The sea on the Western side is suitable for windsurfing, and the Eastern side is better for a quiet rest
Tourists can visit the city Rhodes on the regular bus. It takes only 20 minutes to get there and costs 2.2 Euro for 1 person. We shouldn’t use abbreviation “Old town” for the medieval district of the city because other parts of Rhodes could be older. We should be aware that we are in the centre of the ancient World and our guides memorized it telling fabulous Greek’s myths.