Sunday, January 22, 2012

Four epochs of the photographs

We received this week the news that Kodak has filed for bankruptcy protection, marking the demise of the analogue era. This event is a good opportunity to remember the history of the photographs. We discussed this subject in the class of Dart Jarman which was dedicatedto current events. I prepared four photos for discussion, which would represent four epochs of photography.
Let’s look:

This photos were taken 100 years ago by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky and look as if they were taken yesterday. Between 1907 and 1915, Prokudin-Gorsky transported his photography-equipment in a special darkroom rail car. He printed the color photos by a method of his own invention.

The mid-20th century was an era of black-white photos for ordinary people and color photos for the professional photographers (look the famous photo of the Beatles). I remember this time. I made my photos using special equipment and chemicals in the darkroom. I stored my black-white photos in photo-albums. I couldn't imagine that doing color photos would be so easy thanks to Kodak’s technology.

This photo was taken in Copenhagen by me using a simple camera and was printed in a service-centre which used Kodak technology. We kept photos like this in albums. We admired the colors. It was only Kodak’s technology which allowed us to keep our memories in color. Thank, you, Kodak! But the times changed and today is epoch of digital photos.

This photo was made by my daughter on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. If it was made 50 years ago it would have been a model photo for a magazine or for exhibition. This process so simple today. We have thousands of photo files in our collection. We don’t print them.
It was great of course. But we can remember a wonderful company which gave us the ability to make our own COLOR photos.
Thank you Kodak, your photos stay in the our memories...

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fill up vocabulary with Fran McMinnar in Airport Woes

Fran knows how stressful it can be to travel during the holiday season. Has your flight been delayed? Has an airline ever lost your luggage?
It happened with me this summer and I shared my travel story with Fran. Yes, I really lost my luggage when I arrived to Sicily. In fact, everybody in the plane lost the luggage. And I remembered about this adventure in the class.

I was happy before I had lost my luggage. I had three pieces of luggage: two suitcases and briefcase.
We should know types of luggage:
Suitcase: a large rectangular case with a handle for carrying clothes and possessions while travelling.
Rolling suitcase: a suitcase with wheels and a handle to make it easier to move.
Rucksack: a large bag used to carry things on your back, used especially by walkers and climbers.
Holdall: a small case used for carrying clothes and personal things when travelling.
Briefcase: a rectangular case, used especially for carrying business documents.
Luggage Labels - to identify your luggage
Padlock - to lock you luggage

So. We descended from the plane and went through some aircraft to the airport.

We came to the baggage carousel and waited for our luggage. After one-hour waiting we understood that our luggage had been lost by staff of our air company.
We went to the “Lost and found department”. Our teacher asked us to describe our luggage.

The young lady (Oxana) who traveled that flight described her luggage: carrycot (or pram).

Our teacher recommended us to claim compensation because we had to buy some new clothes.

What are reasons could be if your flight delayed?
It delays due to the weather or technical problems.
Information about it we can see on the information desk.

What should we do in the check in area?
We can weigh there our luggage and receive the luggage tag.
What places can we choose when we ask for a boarding pass?
As usual three options: aisle, window, centre seats.

After we had left our luggage we walked to the security area.

The staff asked us to put our hand baggage into the trays for checking by x ray machine.
There are some things which are illegal for traffic like the guns, liquid, flammable or an aerosol

For private watching we should took our shoes and a metal belt off.
When this procedure was over we went up the escalator.

In the zone of duty-free we can buy lots of travel products such as an electric adapters.

We could choose travel adapters with two pin plugs or three pin plugs.

If we are in the big airport the best way to come to your gateway is to stay on the moving walkway.

And the last place for our class was the hall for air traffic control. Usually, we don’t have access for visiting this place in real life but we can visit this place in English city.
It might be a subject for the next lesson …