Tuesday, October 18, 2011

“The whole world theater” - Shakespeare quote with explanation how to pass IELTS speaking test

“The whole world theater” - this famous Shakespearean phrase I remembered after attempt to pass IELTS speaking test.

The first question was “Do you like sport ?” I answered that actually I’m not very interested in the sport. Then came the question, “What I prefer in the sport: go to live events or watch them on TV?” and other similar questions. It was difficult to answer considering that I said while answering for the first question.

After the test the teacher explained that the aim of the test is not finding out what the student really thinks, the goal - to estimate his spoken skills.

Now I understand that when we answer for the test questions we should remember the Shakespearean’s phrase, enter into a role that has prepared by the author of the test for us and then success will be assured.

Thank you Mr.Shakespeare for these lines:
The whole world - the theater.
In it women, men - are all actors.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And not every one plays a role.
(William Shakespeare’s As You Like It “)

Thank you teacher, Dr. Pax , for so useful and memorable lesson!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The benefit of red shirt for a memorable presentation (a report from the Business event of Language Lab)

The benefit of red shirt for a memorable presentation (a report from the Business event of Language Lab)

That speech was well remembered for me. It was at the European Congress of Accountants which was held in Gothenburg, Sweden. Gotheburg is a ​​beautiful city and the most of the delegates in the audience were waiting when the session is over. Everyone wanted to walk in the city. The presentations of the speakers were boring. And then one speaker went to the tribune and began his speech with the phrase "You know why I worn this red shirt today …?" The students “woke up”. "... I will tell this one at the end of my presentation." He talked how important to keep the prestige of the accounting profession. It wasn’t so interesting topic, but everybody were listening him carefully. In the end of his report he said the reason why he worn a red shirt. He wanted to attract the audience's attention to his speech and the topic which had been discussed.

It was an introduction. This story is about wonderful event, which was organised by Language Lab in the Virtual World Second life. If it was simply presented as an advertise of the company, it wouldn’t be so memorable event. The managers had forced the participants to work hard. They divided the students into the groups and asked each group to express themselves in the presentation of their project to the investors.

As a result, we had a bright and memorable event.

This is the task of our team:

On-the-spot car cleaning


Two years ago you started a business, hiring and training unemployed youngsters to clean cars in car parks and garages in your city. You provide modern, high powered equipment. This enables workers to clean the car interiors and exteriors quickly and to a high standard.

Why you want to money:

To expand your cleaning service to other cities in your country.

Advantages to tycoons:

The business is providing work for unemployed people. This would be good for the tycoons image.

It is a very successful local business. Last year the turnover was $1.5 million. Profit $0.3million

My task was to present the tax benefits for our company. I tried to use the effect of "red shirt" including it in my speech clause (highlighted in red bold):

"Dear investors!

We discussed that our project has two major advantages:

The simultaneous achievement of the economic goals (a good income and a relatively low cost) and the social objectives (attracting young people to work).

Because the project has the social goals - it allows us to hope for the tax benefits.

We should go to the local legislatures to receive this benefits in the local income tax.

This action will further increase our (no - your !!!) profits! "

Other speakers included in their presentations a lot of vivid and memorable details.

The team of organizers acted professionally. For example, when we were choosing the main speaker of the group, nobody decided to take this role. The quick decision was: to divide the report into small pieces and give everyone the opportunity to make a short speech. The managers created an atmosphere of the real competition between the teams. It was interesting and certainly very useful.

Look this collage of the photographs which were taken at the event. Many thanks to the organizers for a vivid, memorable event that was so remembered, as described above "red shirt".


I’d like to say especial pleasure the leaders out team Loise Hayter and Lowri Mills. They endorsed us, so we could make our presentation.