Tuesday, October 18, 2011

“The whole world theater” - Shakespeare quote with explanation how to pass IELTS speaking test

“The whole world theater” - this famous Shakespearean phrase I remembered after attempt to pass IELTS speaking test.

The first question was “Do you like sport ?” I answered that actually I’m not very interested in the sport. Then came the question, “What I prefer in the sport: go to live events or watch them on TV?” and other similar questions. It was difficult to answer considering that I said while answering for the first question.

After the test the teacher explained that the aim of the test is not finding out what the student really thinks, the goal - to estimate his spoken skills.

Now I understand that when we answer for the test questions we should remember the Shakespearean’s phrase, enter into a role that has prepared by the author of the test for us and then success will be assured.

Thank you Mr.Shakespeare for these lines:
The whole world - the theater.
In it women, men - are all actors.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And not every one plays a role.
(William Shakespeare’s As You Like It “)

Thank you teacher, Dr. Pax , for so useful and memorable lesson!


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