Friday, April 25, 2014

English: Creative Writing 25/04/2014 (Bikini V.S. Mole)

WORDS from : mole, tax, sailor, bikini, haystack, escalator, legend

STORY: Bikini V.S. Mole

I had heard this conversation between clerks (a man and a woman) while we were riding on the escalator and I decided to write about it.

“What do you think could be an object for new tax?” asked the man.

“I propose to tax bikinis,” answered the woman. We can not only collect more money, but we can also protect our husbands from staring for other women on the beach.

“I have a different idea. To tax fur coats. We can, along with collecting money to reduce the desire of our wives, spend money on the fur coats which are only food for the mole,” answered the man.

The woman replied, “I read a legend about a sailor who lost his wife when he bought a fur coat in a different colour than his wife had expected.

I thought back to the wonderful times when people didn’t have any property or taxes. They were walking in the meadows, lying on a haystack, and they were happy.

This story was corrected by Samantha

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

English: Creative Writing 23/04/2014 (Comet and fate above the world)

STORY: Comet and fate above the world

WORDS from  : magazine, cafe, comet, binder, cult, basin, band

There is a story which I read in a magazine.

A couple sat in a French café and talked about their relationships; the conversation was going to be difficult. And when the woman was ready to say goodbye to her partner, they saw a comet in the sky. She stopped during her speech, lost her mind and completely forgot all the words which she had prepared before this meeting. It seemed like the binder was lost in space and in time.

The couple smiled at each other and they stayed together for all their lives. Two children were born into this family and they respected the signs which they received from the stars. It was a cult of this family.

After many years, the newspapers wrote about the comet which flew above the city, and on that day, the grandson of this couple found a strange stone in the home’s basin. It was a splinter of this comet. He kept it as a talisman which helped him to step through the difficult moments of his life.

This story was corrected by Samantha

Saturday, April 19, 2014

English: Writing 19/04/2014: To attention CEO of Wind jet

Task: Your favorite company made a huge mistake. Write a complaint letter to the CEO of this company.

To attention CEO of Wind jet

Dear Mr.Smit.
I used the service of your aircraft company FOR several years and I was happy with the service before last YEAR. That’s the problem.

When we fLEW in August of THE previous year from Moscow to Palermo, our luggage was lost. In fact it was the problem for all passengers of this plane.

But I’m WRITING to you not about this accident, it happens sometimes. No. I’d like to DIRECT your attention to the service which we received during this accident.

Nobody explained WHAT WE SHOULD DO to THE upset passengers. Everyone WENT to the “lost and found” department. We left our adresses where we were going to stay in Sicily there and THAT’s all.  

Our luggage was found BY the next day, but we had to buy some things (clothes, some stUff for hygiene like toothpaste and so on).

We were able to send a complainT letter to your office only wheN we returned to Moscow with THE demand for compensation and we received a refusAL. Your staff answered us (after 5 months) that we needed to use THE appropriate form and we HAD to send A letter within THE 3-week time period. This letter is attached here .

When it happened nobody explained it TO us. It is THE reason why I wrote this letter.

Sincerely yours,
After this trip I read ON the Internet that your company CLOSED (SHUT DOWN). ThESE ARE two lines from Wikipedia:
“On 11 August 2012, the airline has ceased operations until further notice due to financial troubles.”

The capital letters show our mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

English: Creative Writing 16/04/2014 (Fair Game)

Task: You’ve been playing cards with your friend at a Las Vegas casino for a couple of hours now and he’s up big. Suddenly, a pit boss grabs you and your friend and hauls you both off to a back room, where several rough-looking guys are waiting for you. “What’s going on?” you ask. “Your friend has been counting cards, and we don’t approve of that here.” Write this scene

I tried to explain to them that it was a fair game. One guy who was looked like a boss claimed, “Prove it. Otherwise, your prize will be ours.”  
I thought feverishly, How can I prove it? I answered, “Ok. Do you remember the guy who left nearly $200,000 here last week (in this casino)? It was my friend. He told me that he suspected that this casino does not play fairly. We bet with him. If I was able to win here, it would be his fault. My prize could be proof that the game here is fair. And I invited with me our friend who ought to be a referee. He was concentrating on his role, but you decided that he had been counting cards.
After thinking for a while, he said, “Ok. I like your idea. You know that statistically the possibilities of winning or losing are similar. If you won just $10, it would be prove this theory. Let’s play one more round.
We continued playing and I lost most of my prize. Very scientific bad guy. :)

This story was corrected by Samantha

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The true beauty - Island Madeira

Task: You have just discovered a great new product/service. Write an email to your friend recommending it.

Hello Peter,

You asked me about an interesting destination for your summer vacation. And I’d like to suggest for you a little exotitic place - island Madeira which we visited in August 2013.

It is exotic because this island is located in A hard to reach place, in THE Atlantic ocean, near Morocco. But it is also a part of Portugal, it means that THE PEOPLE LIVE a typical european lifestyle there.

The inhabitants of this island call it “Island of eternal spring”. This is true. We saw SUCH colorful nature THERE which we HAD NEVER SEEN before. Can you imagine, there is noT any trash on the island, all trAsh IS MOVED to the continent. People approved a law THERE which banned not only THE catchING of the minerals but THE exploration OF it !

One thing you should keep in mind if you go there IS THAT the ocean is colder on the island than in THE Mediterranean sea.

But you can GET ALL the beauty of this island if you chose this destination for your holiday.

Good luck with your trip,

This is a view from the balcony of the hotel where I stayed:
Hi Anatoly,
Thank you very much for your advice. I AM THINKING ABOUT buying a FLIGHT to visIt the Island Madeira in September because the priceS are lower than in August. DO YOU HAVE any cheap  Hotel to recommend me? I'm very excited to visit the island and I hope the ocean won't be too cold because I love TO SWIM very much.

Task: You have met the love of your life, but there is a problem: your parents don’t approve. Write a letter to your parents convincing them that this is the right person for you.

Dear Mother and Father,
I know that you had always expected the best for me and you don't approve OF my relationSHIP with Sarah, because she's a three-time-divorced woman and she has four childREN, but I'm a grown man now and you should have more trust in me. Since the first time I met Sarah I've always felt that she was the right woman for me. I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I hope you'll change your opinion about my decision. I need you to be by my side because you’re very important in my life and I WILL always love you WITH WHATEVER every choice that you’ll Make.

Hi Mirko,
We thought a lot about your relationship with Sarah. It was difficult to change our attitude toWARD her, but after your letter … we did it. Your mother decided to invite Sarah for our traditional meal this Sunday. We love you and we hope that our relationship with your fiance will be good. We are waiting FOR both of you for the dinner.
Your father.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My review about the movie “The Notebook”

I saw a memorable movie last week. “The Notebook” is the title of this movie. The plot of this movie is how one man was reading the notebook for a sick woman who had lost her memory and she started to understand that this was her notebook. It is a sentimental movie about love, but I liked this movie not for the plot, not for the romantic feelings, no. I liked the atmosphere of the years of the middle of last century. Great views of the nature added color to this movie, old fashioned melodies sounded very touching there. And actors did an excellent job.
I recommend that you watch this film.

This story was corrected by the teacher Lisa

English: Writing 12/04/2014

Task: You have just discovered a great new product/service. Write an email to your friend recommending it.

Hello Bill,

You asked me about the tools which could help you to organize the office with remote work. These are my recommendations.
First of all: think about INSTALLING the office’s programs to THE “cloud”. It could be  programS for mail, writing, accounting, etc.

Next: Organize tools for communication along THE office’s workers. I recommend CONNECTING them using Skype and Teamviewer. You know about Skype, it allows US to connect up to 25 people for voice chat. And Teamviewer has a great option to organize A presentation.

In fact it is not just A presentation. Using Teamviewer we can organize communication for people whose ACTUAL location could be A thousand kilometers from each other. It is similar TO WORKING in one room. The participants can SHARE EACH OTHER’S SCREENS during the conversation, they can ask FOR help allowing OTHER PARTICIPANTS to control the computer from THE remote place. And the quality of the picture during this screensharing is really great! Much better than in the other tools.

Using these tools you can save a lot of money fROM THE maintenance of your office and achieve your goals in business.

Good luck with it,



You have met the love of your life, but there is a problem: your parents don’t approve. Write a letter to your parents convincing them that this is the right person for you.

Dear parents,
I hope you are fine. I heard that you will not attend my wedding if I marRy  Mary. I DON’T know why you MADE this decision.  I don’t want to lose you OR my love as well. I can’t imagine my life without her OR you. We love each other very much. I really enjoy my time with her, and we can understand  each other. I don’t care THAT her father is a criminal. I will marry her not her family. Also she DOESN’T like her father. You always TAUGHT me to depend on myself and MAKE decisions and be responsible FOR these decisionS. I hope YOU support me on this decision, because I don’t marry every day. It is only one time in my personal life, if I get a happy MARRIAGE. If I don’t get  a happy marrIAGE I will not lose anything. I will learn from this experience. I hope to see you on my wedding DAY and thanks for your UNDERSTANDING.
Your son.

Dear son,
It was difficult for us to accept your choice because we didn’t approve of Mary. But thanks to your letter we understood your intentions and we agree to give you the possibility to live your own live. We hope that we will achieve PEACE with your partner and
Be happy !
Kiss your wife FOR us.
Your parents.

The capital letters show our mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross


Sunday, April 6, 2014

To attention of Tom Hanks

Task: You have the chance to write one letter to your favorite singer/actor/celebrity. Write a letter to him/her telling why you are his/her biggest fan.

To attention of  Tom Hanks

Hello Tom,

I earned A great number of points on the imdb-site for THE record OF THE MOST comments there and in the conditionS of this competition I WON a chance to write a letter to the actor whose works I especially appreciate.

First of all I’d like to GIVE you A BIG Thanks for your job. I remembered you as a young actor in the film “Every Time We Say Goodbye” which was made in 1986.

I think that the main idea of your character in the famous “Forrest Gump” is to understand “what the love is” and follow “THE calls of ouR hearts”.

And in the movie “The Terminal” your hero showed A good way to communicate in different societIES. This way WAS interesting for me because I study English as YOUR CHARACTER did there.

I hope to see your works in new movies.


By the way, your COLLABORATION with Meg Ryan in "You've Got Mail" was great!

The capital letters show our mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross