Saturday, April 12, 2014

English: Writing 12/04/2014

Task: You have just discovered a great new product/service. Write an email to your friend recommending it.

Hello Bill,

You asked me about the tools which could help you to organize the office with remote work. These are my recommendations.
First of all: think about INSTALLING the office’s programs to THE “cloud”. It could be  programS for mail, writing, accounting, etc.

Next: Organize tools for communication along THE office’s workers. I recommend CONNECTING them using Skype and Teamviewer. You know about Skype, it allows US to connect up to 25 people for voice chat. And Teamviewer has a great option to organize A presentation.

In fact it is not just A presentation. Using Teamviewer we can organize communication for people whose ACTUAL location could be A thousand kilometers from each other. It is similar TO WORKING in one room. The participants can SHARE EACH OTHER’S SCREENS during the conversation, they can ask FOR help allowing OTHER PARTICIPANTS to control the computer from THE remote place. And the quality of the picture during this screensharing is really great! Much better than in the other tools.

Using these tools you can save a lot of money fROM THE maintenance of your office and achieve your goals in business.

Good luck with it,



You have met the love of your life, but there is a problem: your parents don’t approve. Write a letter to your parents convincing them that this is the right person for you.

Dear parents,
I hope you are fine. I heard that you will not attend my wedding if I marRy  Mary. I DON’T know why you MADE this decision.  I don’t want to lose you OR my love as well. I can’t imagine my life without her OR you. We love each other very much. I really enjoy my time with her, and we can understand  each other. I don’t care THAT her father is a criminal. I will marry her not her family. Also she DOESN’T like her father. You always TAUGHT me to depend on myself and MAKE decisions and be responsible FOR these decisionS. I hope YOU support me on this decision, because I don’t marry every day. It is only one time in my personal life, if I get a happy MARRIAGE. If I don’t get  a happy marrIAGE I will not lose anything. I will learn from this experience. I hope to see you on my wedding DAY and thanks for your UNDERSTANDING.
Your son.

Dear son,
It was difficult for us to accept your choice because we didn’t approve of Mary. But thanks to your letter we understood your intentions and we agree to give you the possibility to live your own live. We hope that we will achieve PEACE with your partner and
Be happy !
Kiss your wife FOR us.
Your parents.

The capital letters show our mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross


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