Wednesday, April 23, 2014

English: Creative Writing 23/04/2014 (Comet and fate above the world)

STORY: Comet and fate above the world

WORDS from  : magazine, cafe, comet, binder, cult, basin, band

There is a story which I read in a magazine.

A couple sat in a French café and talked about their relationships; the conversation was going to be difficult. And when the woman was ready to say goodbye to her partner, they saw a comet in the sky. She stopped during her speech, lost her mind and completely forgot all the words which she had prepared before this meeting. It seemed like the binder was lost in space and in time.

The couple smiled at each other and they stayed together for all their lives. Two children were born into this family and they respected the signs which they received from the stars. It was a cult of this family.

After many years, the newspapers wrote about the comet which flew above the city, and on that day, the grandson of this couple found a strange stone in the home’s basin. It was a splinter of this comet. He kept it as a talisman which helped him to step through the difficult moments of his life.

This story was corrected by Samantha

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