Friday, April 25, 2014

English: Creative Writing 25/04/2014 (Bikini V.S. Mole)

WORDS from : mole, tax, sailor, bikini, haystack, escalator, legend

STORY: Bikini V.S. Mole

I had heard this conversation between clerks (a man and a woman) while we were riding on the escalator and I decided to write about it.

“What do you think could be an object for new tax?” asked the man.

“I propose to tax bikinis,” answered the woman. We can not only collect more money, but we can also protect our husbands from staring for other women on the beach.

“I have a different idea. To tax fur coats. We can, along with collecting money to reduce the desire of our wives, spend money on the fur coats which are only food for the mole,” answered the man.

The woman replied, “I read a legend about a sailor who lost his wife when he bought a fur coat in a different colour than his wife had expected.

I thought back to the wonderful times when people didn’t have any property or taxes. They were walking in the meadows, lying on a haystack, and they were happy.

This story was corrected by Samantha

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