Sunday, May 4, 2014

Writing Situations 04/05/2014: Electricity of Arkansas Ltd welcomes you

Task: Write an advertisement searching for a new employee for your growing business.

Attention students who graduate this summer: Electricity of Arkansas Ltd welcomeS you !!!

Do you want to work for the company which delivers the light in the houses? Do you like to communicate with people who love their job? If your answer IS “yes”, try TO JOIN our team.

We HAVE BEEN workING with your college FOR many years. Many OF our employees studied there. We appreciate the knowledge which your college gave you. You can ATTEMPT to apply for a job in our company.

Our requirements are:
- High GPA (grades not less than 4,5)
- Excellent knowledge in energy producing technologY
- Your wishes to work with us.

Director of Electricity of Arkansas Ltd Anatoly L.
Contact Anatoly 7.916.333.333.333

The capital letters show our mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

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