Saturday, May 30, 2015

My experience of the cheapest traveling

I read about low-cost airlines and I thought that the cheapest products WERE always bad quality. But after I TOOK a trip through Europe on A low-cost AIRLINE my opinion about this WAY of travelling had changed dramatically.

I FLEW on the planes of EasyJet from Vienna to Rome and from Rome to Paris and didn’t notice any shortcomings. THE ONLY difference from regular flights is THE absence of free food and drinks on board. But it doesn’t matter.

I found google offers a very good service for choosing aircraft companies. It is here TO ILLUSTRATE it I CHOSE a TRIP from Rome to Paris and I received just 1 MINUTEAGO this result:

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 14.23.50.png

The price is 99$ ! It is cheaper than TAKING A taxi from A remote suburb to THE centre of Moscow!

And Google gave AN OPTION to estimate our choices visually
Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 14.29.40.png

We can see on the map the destination, price, scale of prices for all days of the month on A separate board and A picture of our desired destination.

After Google suggested to us a list of AIRLINES we can go to the AIRLINE SITES and buy the tickets there.

Cheapest tickets by the way !!!


PS: It is NOT AN advertisement, just AN English-writing practice

Written special for Anatoly’s blog during Audrey Ross’s class.
The capital letters show some mistakes which were corrected by teacher Audrey Ross