Tuesday, May 6, 2014

English: Writing Practice Class (A favorite place in my town)

Task: What is your favorite place in your town? Explain

Sometimes people ask me about places which I could advise for them while visiting Moscow and about my favorite place. Usually, I answer that there is the obligatory program for tourists in Moscow like the Kremlin, the ballet, etc and places which I personally like.

So, on the picture above is my favorite place in Moscow, the Moscow River. It is difficult to imagine that in the centre of such a big city there is a very large green area. We can relax here listening to the twittering of the birds, observing the sailboats, and looking at the people who are walking by (the passersby).

The river bends many times, we can go on one side of the river and after crossing a bridge return to the starting point on the other side.

I like to take a bicycle trip on a sunny day in this way. During the trip, I take some photos and the best of them are shared on my Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/anatoliy.learner

There is a song about my city where the singer asks listeners about what is the longest street in Moscow. We can guess the answer … Yes, it is the Moscow River :)
This text was corrected by the teacher Lisa  

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