Sunday, April 13, 2014

The true beauty - Island Madeira

Task: You have just discovered a great new product/service. Write an email to your friend recommending it.

Hello Peter,

You asked me about an interesting destination for your summer vacation. And I’d like to suggest for you a little exotitic place - island Madeira which we visited in August 2013.

It is exotic because this island is located in A hard to reach place, in THE Atlantic ocean, near Morocco. But it is also a part of Portugal, it means that THE PEOPLE LIVE a typical european lifestyle there.

The inhabitants of this island call it “Island of eternal spring”. This is true. We saw SUCH colorful nature THERE which we HAD NEVER SEEN before. Can you imagine, there is noT any trash on the island, all trAsh IS MOVED to the continent. People approved a law THERE which banned not only THE catchING of the minerals but THE exploration OF it !

One thing you should keep in mind if you go there IS THAT the ocean is colder on the island than in THE Mediterranean sea.

But you can GET ALL the beauty of this island if you chose this destination for your holiday.

Good luck with your trip,

This is a view from the balcony of the hotel where I stayed:
Hi Anatoly,
Thank you very much for your advice. I AM THINKING ABOUT buying a FLIGHT to visIt the Island Madeira in September because the priceS are lower than in August. DO YOU HAVE any cheap  Hotel to recommend me? I'm very excited to visit the island and I hope the ocean won't be too cold because I love TO SWIM very much.

Task: You have met the love of your life, but there is a problem: your parents don’t approve. Write a letter to your parents convincing them that this is the right person for you.

Dear Mother and Father,
I know that you had always expected the best for me and you don't approve OF my relationSHIP with Sarah, because she's a three-time-divorced woman and she has four childREN, but I'm a grown man now and you should have more trust in me. Since the first time I met Sarah I've always felt that she was the right woman for me. I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I hope you'll change your opinion about my decision. I need you to be by my side because you’re very important in my life and I WILL always love you WITH WHATEVER every choice that you’ll Make.

Hi Mirko,
We thought a lot about your relationship with Sarah. It was difficult to change our attitude toWARD her, but after your letter … we did it. Your mother decided to invite Sarah for our traditional meal this Sunday. We love you and we hope that our relationship with your fiance will be good. We are waiting FOR both of you for the dinner.
Your father.

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