Saturday, April 5, 2014

English: Writing 05/04/2014

Task: Something terrible has happened. Write a letter to your family member informing them of the bad news.

Hi, children. I can’t CALL you but I think you need to know that our INTERNET provider is going to stop giving us service. They SHUT OFF THE LINE and I suppose that we will not be able to have Internet connection for about 6 months.

I know that you used to use it everyday but it is possible to avoid this bad habit. Without Internet we can SPEND MORE TIME WALKING, we can live as we lived before WE HAD THE Internet.

I was going to write you about the bad news but now I AM STARTING to understand that this news is better than I thought before.

Let’s spend more time DOING physical activities and enjoyING our lives.

THIS is THE last email, next time I will write you A letter on paper and send it using THE old fashioned way (through THE post office).  

Your father.

Hello Dad,
This is terrible news and I’M not sure how WE ARE going to survive without internet connection. I do agree that we spent A lot of time on THE Internet then its actually required but THE internet has become A necessity for our day to day life as ALL MY school assignmentS ARE online and without internet i won’t be able to complete THEM on time.   
Can you please MAKE A temporary arrangement  so that at least i can complete my school assignmentS! ONLY 2 to 3 hours PER week ARE REQUIRED which will not at all impact our physical activity. I promise, i will only use THE internet as much as it is required.
Thanks for understanding dad.

Dear boss,
I hope you are fine. I am writing  to you to see if there is  any POSSIBILITY to hire my friend . I highly recommend him. He is a hard worker and HE IS SMART. I worked with him before I joined this company. He is a creative person. He always COMPLETES the task on time. I would like to work with him again and again. I believe, he HAS added value to EVERY company HE HAS WORKED AT. In my opinion, he will do a lot FOR our company if you hire him. He has AN awesome personality.I think OUR WHOLE team will cooperate with him,especially BECAUSE he has leadership skills. PFA, his C.V.        

Dear Ahmad.
Thank you for your letter. We appreciate your readiness to help your friend and believe that you are able to create a reliable team for our new project. We decided to appoint you TO the position of leader this project and we are going to offer the position of deputy of the head team to your friend.
Best regards, Anatoly, Director of “123-LTD company”

The capital letters show our mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

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