Sunday, March 23, 2014

What's the iPad Good For?

Task: Write a customer review for a product that you recently bought.

Somebody asked me to describe my opinion about THE Ipad. Is it very useful or not so much comparED TO THE Iphone.

This is my conclusion about THE advisability of this purchase.

First of all it is A very good reader. Before I bought it I thought that nothing could substitute traditional reading (on paper). Now I think DIFFERENTLY. It Isn't necessary to find A WELL-LIT place for reading because the source of the light IS insight that gadget.

Second, We can read a lot OF newspapers, magazines, encyclopedia pages for free.

We can use it instead of TV (it needs to HAVE a good internet connection), AND DVD-players.

I found that it is very comfortable to use A digital dictionary there. But it is for people who study foreign languages.

But if you are not interested in the activities which I mentioned above, you don’t need to buy this gadget. Using THE iphone could be enough for you.


The capital letters show my mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

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