Sunday, March 16, 2014

How we can use the Virtual World “Second Life” ( for studying English

Lots of people ask me about my avatar which I use for my Google+ account. My usual answer is “It is my avatar from Second Life. It is a virtual word which I used (and sometimes use now) TO practice English. Further THIS QUESTION follows: “How do you use it?”.

This is a short SET OF instructionS.

First of all we need to register there and choOse the name and an avatar. THE next step is THE DOWNLOAD and installation of the special program-client.
After you enter this program (it looks similar to ANY usual game, but it is not exactly A game), you will appear in the virtual world. You can move there and you can communicate with other residents (WHICH IS WHAT PEOPLE ARE CALLED there).
I remember when we travelled there with Tony (he was my English teacher there), he showed me the virtual Alamo (Texas, USA) and described some details about this fortress which he DISCOVERED when he was there in real life. He said “Look AT this floor. I remember these cracks and the smell of dampness from the basement.”

One detail. We need to understand how the program-client works, it could be a little difficult for the new residents. ALSO your internet connection and computer must be good enough.
After solving these problems you can enjoy studying there.
Extra links:
The AlamO from real life:
The Alamo from virtual life:
Some OF my discriptions about the classes in this world you can find on my blog here (in the previous years on THE timeline of the blog).


The capital letters show my mistakes which was corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

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