Saturday, March 8, 2014

English: Writing 09/03/2014

English: Writing
Teacher: Audrey Ross

The capital letters show my mistakes which was corrected by teacher.

Task: Write a set of detailed instructions on how to do something specific.

Welcome everybody here TO my Internet page.

As you can see, my Internet site IS dedicated to describing THE process of studying English. It is necessary for studying foreign languages to find A convenient way TO COMMUNICATE. Here ARE simple instructionS ON using Google+ hangouts.

First of all you need to have a google account. After you log in there, you need to install THE plugin for this browser.

THE next step is to enter your account and start a new Google+hangout. The system will offer you to invite the guests for your hangout or to make it public. You can start recording this session BY clicking on the button “Hangout on Air”. The system creates A special link which you can copy TO share with other people.

The most important thing is to find participaNTS for thAT SPECIFIC hangout. You can use the feature of searching in youR Google+hangout account. Type “hangout” there and you will see lots of open public hangouts. You can choose one and join.

Last detail : it is A free service.

Good luck On studying,


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