Saturday, March 1, 2014

English: Writing 02/03/2014

Teacher: Audrey Ross

Task: Write an email to your friend asking for an enormous favor.

Hello Peter!

IT HAS BEEN A Long time SINCE I emailED you. How are you? I hope you are OK. I’m good too. I started to study English in A new online school 1 month ago and now I have a lot of friends there.

Just yesterday we talked there about organizing a party in A real place (not online of course). We discussed about A place where we could spend two days and where participators could stay for a night. And I remembered you. You live in S-Petersburg, this place is suitable for foreigners to visit. And you have a huge apartment, BIG enough for 10 people (1 teacher and 9 students from our class).

I’d like to ask you to DO me a favour. Could you please LET us STAY AT your house for this party?

HUG your wife FOR ME. I hope to see you there.

According to the Russian proverb (in English interpretation)  “The more, the merrier” and “There is always room for one more” :)


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