Saturday, March 1, 2014

English: Writing 01/03/2014

Teacher: Audrey Ross
Task: Write a customer review for a product that you recently bought.
Hello. My name is Anatoly. I’m writing you by request of THE shop assistant who asked me to post a comment after one month OF using THE IMac which I bought in youR netshop. Here it is.
I haven’t BEEN completely satisfied WITH that purchase. I expected to use lots of benefits which youR staff described TO me as HIGH speed, convenience, good lookS and so on. But what DO I have ?
The speed isn’t high COMPARED TO MY PC. I can’t play comfortably in the games which I used to play on MY PC.
About convenience I can’t deny that quality. And this deviCe LOOKS GOOD.
But THE main problem is that I can’t feel free in using all THE resources of my computer as I could before on MY PC.
My conclusion is:
This choice was wrong for me, it could be good for others.
BUT anyway I’d like to say thanks TO your customer service for their good job.

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