Saturday, July 30, 2016


Now prepare your presentation on which kind of renewable energy would be beneficial to your city.

Choosing a renewable energy source for Moscow Moscow is located in the place where no resources for using energy of water. Lack of biological material in a such of large Megapolis doesn't allow us to use the biomass source.

One of the possible options is to install on Moscow's roofs lots of the solar panels for accumulating energy of the sun and transformation it to electricity. Converting energy to thermal form is not effective way because during the season when we need thermal energy (winter) we don't have enough sun.

Moscow has a good human resource for producing solar panels and for maintaining them. Relatively high cost isn't a big problem because Moscow city has a large financial resource.

There are a few places in Moscow where the power of wind is suitable for installing wind turbines.

Comparing a cost of different ways of producing energy shows us that the traditional ways of producing energy are much cheaper than using renewable energy source. It means that without government's program of protection we are not able to achieve the aim of creating the environmental friendly technology of producing energy. Giving tax benefits can help in that deal.

The support of society%% is a very important too. I hope that a publishing of this presentation could provide the idea of using renewable sources of energy even there where it hadn't planned before.

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