Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Studying in the classroom or online, what's better?

Write about any two schools and how they are similar or different. It could be two schools in your country or two schools in different countries.

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Studying online is a relatively new way of education. Popularity of studying through the Internet has been increasing dramatically for last years. But when we are applying for a new job HR managers usually ask certificate of real (not online) university or college. Considering this fact let's compare studying in the university and in online school on

Studying in university gives to students fundamental knowledges. If you are university student you have to study all disciplines which are included in curriculum. In contrast, studying online orients on definite specialization or skill.

Working as an accountant in the company I attended a few courses in the field of economics and accounting. However I never finished any courses on coursera because I hadn’t been motivated enough. And it is the next big difference. Students who study in the university are expected to receive the certificate of high education. The value of the online certificate is much lower, at least for nowadays.

As a student of online English school I would say that this way of studying is very convenient, more affordable but hardly ever it will be dominated compare with classic university studying.

Writing Grade: 100
It appears that you have made no spelling, spacing or other grammar errors, well done. Your work is valid to the topic provided and shows good sentence structure. Your writing flowed smoothly. You introduced the topic, developed your ideas and concluded your piece well.

This topic was written and corrected by teacher ZZSonja L in online school (former englishtown)

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