Friday, August 12, 2016

Writing the toast

Imagine a friend or family member is getting married, and you have been asked to write the toast.

Dear friends, I'm so glad to be here, in this wedding party with my friends R. and A. and their guests.

We met in online school because we started to study English.I remember how we discussed about different points of view about current events.

We met not only in the classes but also outside the school. We talked about different subjects and along them were love and relationships. I'm so glad that R. and A. met their love there. It is incredible to imagine how people from different parts of the world would find each other. I don't think that it is coincidence, I think it is a fate, happy fate of two who had been searching for their love so many years.

I'd like to wish to R. and A. all the best in their life together: many children, prosperity and robust health! Always support each other, be happy, my dear friend. Cheers!
You wrote: "...different points of view for current events." We would not use "for" but "about" when discussing events. The expression would be: "...different points of view about current events." You wrote: " people from different part of the world..." As they are from different places, you can't use "part" you need to use "parts". The whole expression would be: " people from different parts of the world..."

This topic was written and corrected by teacher Christian F in online school (former englishtown)

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