Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hotel Grand Blue, Greece, August 2016

General impression about this hotel is very positive: clean, comfortable rooms, hospitable stuff.

The small town Paralia Katerini, where this hotel is located, is very convenient for tourists. All hotels are near the beach. Grand Blue hotel is located at the second line from the sea. I think that for this place the second line is the beat, because it would be noisy at the first line.

We spent 12 days in Paralia and 3 of them were a little chilly when temperature for swimming in the sea achieved suitable condition only in afternoon. Other days were hot.
The sea was warm enough, water in the sea wasn't crystal clean (maybe due to sand beaches) but we were satisfied. All beaches are free. If we stay on the beach beds with umbrellas we had to buy one drink for person for 3-4 Euros and it is all!

There are a lot of good restaurants in Paralia and there are really cheap. We liked especially restaurant near the port with watercolours as an emblem (don't remember title) which represents a Greece kitchen, Balkan (Serbian) and Caucasus (Georgian) kitchens at the first line. We bought every evening some fruits: figs for 2.5 Euros for kilogram, grapes for 1.8, apples for 0.8.

There are lots of excursion’ agencies in Paralia which offer very cheap tickets for excursions. We enjoyed visiting Meteors (beautiful churches on the peaks of mountains), Edessa, Pozar (thermal springs), Thessaloniki-city and a gorgeous Mount Olympus. The cost of one ticket is only 15 Euros, in additional we were offered a discount.

Overall the impression about our vacation is perfect. Comparing with big city this city looks so miniature, hotel is like magic house in a beautiful place. As a last welcoming sight the manager of Grand Blue Hotel prepared for us a great Greek coffee (for free of course). The cost of living in this place is really low and level of service is high enough. At least from my point of view.

Anatoly from Moscow, Russia

Written for TripAdvisor and published there

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