Friday, December 9, 2016

Explaining the rules

Which rules are and which are optional? We discussed this question during today’s class in online school

It would be confusing to ask male about an obligation of wearing the formal dress because the word “dress” are used mostly for female. But replacement this word for “uniform” is also not quite correct because it is very specific clothes. It’s better to say business casual clothes. The teacher said that it is an error to use the phrase "formal dress" instead of "formal dresses", as only women wear dresses, but everyone can wear formal dress.
This opinion I found on the internet:
As a native U.S. English speaker, if I heard someone say, "Nice dress!", I would assume that they were referring to a dress, a specific item of clothing usually worn only by women and girls. To say that a male dresses well, you might say "Nice dresser!" instead, or "Nice clothes!", or maybe even "Nice outfit!".

We used the phrase “come to an understanding”. Definition of come to an understanding:  to agree about something <After a long discussion they finally came to an understanding.>

The final task (role playing conversation):

It was optional to use some phrases which we studied during the class but the teacher was encouraged us to use this phrases:

Writing report after the class is optional but for people who want to improve writing skills, this is a mandatory :)

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