Friday, December 2, 2016

Reading "The Fairy and the Shadow"

We had a Marga’s Reading Lounge Activity inside virtual world 
It is a weekly activity and this time we read children story The Fairy and the Shadow

Everybody tried to read this story with the special expression as we would be reading for children. From a scientistic point of view this story explains the origin of the shadows:
After reading we practiced in creating sentences using targeted words.

And in memory of Shadow, and to show everyone the value of loyalty and commitment, the fairy presented every being on Earth with its own shadow during the day; but when nighttime comes all these shadows travel to the lake, to spend time with the sad fairy, and to try to console her for her loss.

These are my sentences:
It is not recommended to travel in the swamped places
Even in desert we can find a desert if we have a money

How much time people can endure being without water?
They promised each other to be loyal during good time and adversities

This is my avatar being there

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