Sunday, December 4, 2016

Talking about Nigeria

Zuma Rock is a large monolith, an igneous intrusion that is located in Nigeria. And this a symbol of Nigeria as Mr. Wilson said. Wilson is a teacher from online school, he is originally from Nigeria and this country was the main topic today’s class.

Nigeria has the largest economy in the central part of Africa which is based on oil and gas industries as well as an agriculture. The country has the highest population in comparison with its neighbors.

English is an official language in Nigeria. It is believed that the second language french but as Wilson said schools don’t focus on this language and this language is not so common. It is surprising that there are about 500 local languages in Nigeria.

The capital city of Nigeria is Abuja. It is a new city, as the teacher said this city is under construction. The largest city is Lagos. Lagos is a business capital of the country where most of the offices of big international companies are located.

Here is the link to youtube video about Lagos:

There are four regions in Nigeria, three of them represent 3 major group (north, west, east). If a president is elected from one group, vice president should be from another.
South represent a large number of languages and population there is divided into many tribes.

After the class, I did a little research about Nigeria on the Internet. Here some links to the Nigerian newspapers:

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