Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Story with Controversial Ending

During Marga's class at the Reading Circle in Cypris Village we read the Christmas story. 

The plot is:
The groom comes to his bride for meeting the Christmas.They decided to keep their money for the future life together. He was a little late and the bride refused to give him a kiss but after his made a joke everything was going well, they had a fabulous walk in the park. After they come back home he pulled out of the bag the old lamp and presented it to her as a Christmas gift. She was offended and said that it is just garbage and asked him to leave the house.  

The full story is divided into two parts and it is available for reading here:

We discussed a few possible options of this story:
1.) They don't have deep feelings, their relationships are shallow, they shouldn't marry.
2.) Throwing old stuff away before New Year is a tradition in some cultures, they would reconcile, no problems at all.
3.) The plot demonstrates the interaction between the rational and emotional parts of human relationships. It is natural.

Probably an adding the two sentences could prove happy end. For instance:
He said that there is a genie in this lamp and this genie would fulfill all her wishes after they got married. She laughed and kissed him. 

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