Friday, December 23, 2016

Talking about cheap trips and a little about London

We had a free conversation class in English online school today. The teacher William grew up and studied in university in London but currently stays in the Dominican Republic. As it appeared we have two very similar hobbies: computer technologies and traveling. Traveling was the main subject of this class.
We shared links where tourists could find cheap tickets.
From the teacher:
I compared prices on these two sites for the roundtrip from 6th to 9th May 2017 from Moscow to Zurich. Here are results:

As we can see the site with my recommendation won this competition!

The recommendation of using site had given me my coworker who is very passionate about traveling for the cheapest price. He knows right places.

I had a little experience of visiting London, I was there less than one day. I remember Tower,  the view to Buckingham Palace from the river Thames … not so many sightseeings.

The view to Buckingham Palace from the river Themes

And one picture stayed in my memory. We got stuck in a traffic jam near 5 pm in the center of London. Sitting in the bus we observed lots and lots on office clerks (men) were walking down to one direction/ They worn very similar suits: white top and black bottom.

The clerks in rush hours in London

The teacher recommended me next time to see some tourists attractions like the Museum Madame Tussaud, London eye etc. When William asked me if I tried fish & chips, he was surprised my no answer.
fish & chips

It doesn’t look like healthy food but I remember this advice, being in London to buy it.

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