Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Criticizing a celebrity

Write a criticism of a celebrity. It can be a particular celebrity or the whole idea of celebrity in general. 

This conversation happened during the English class a few years ago. The teacher suggested us to watch a clip on Youtube and express our opinion about the plot of this video. 

This video was about how one eminent Hollywood's actor visited Haiti after a very strong earthquake and helped the inhabitants to cope with disaster. The teacher started the discussion with an idea how good this action was. 

Then students started to develop this idea, saying how good for celebrities participating in the charity events and so on.

But one student turned the conversation in the opposite direction. He said that he saw only self-interest of the actor who decided to use the public attention for promoting himself. 

And we looked for this video in another light. We noticed that the creator of the video used a very didactic and solemn voice telling about heroic deals which this actor committed being with Haitian there. The main subject of conversation became the discussion about the reasons why celebrities devote their time and money to the good causes: is it a sincerely concern about others or just a conceit of rich person. The true reasons could be to hold down public attention, to show the audience how good they are. 

Some people concluded that even this action used as a kind of advertising for this actor, the video stimulates followers to make good deals.

We left the class being agree and disagree about the clip and purposes which this actor had when he was making this video.

You can make your own opinion about this subject after watching this video

This exercise was corrected by teacher Anjali S from online school

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