Saturday, December 17, 2016

Talking about Albania

Today’s class gave me a possibility to load to the atmosphere of the almost unknown for many people European country - Albania.
The teacher Inald lives in the capital city of Albania Tirana.
One of his hobbies is photography and he shared with me lots of beautiful pictures about Albania.  

This is a center of Tirana.

Inald likes photography. And next picture is the perfect example how photography can highlight the beauty, in that case of building.
The trees are on the top of this building and the building looks like the tree.

It is strange but for the time when we spoke the temperature in Moscow and Tirana was the same: minus 3-5 degrees Celsius. But the usual temperature in December is minus 10 for Moscow and plus 10 for Tirana. Inhabitants of Tirana see snow one in four years. Only on North of Albania falling of snow is usual.

Before the class, I read tourist’s comments about Albania and all of them were positive. Great nature, friendly people and affordable prices attract tourist. Inald displayed some pictures from the coast of Mediterranean sea.

The infrastructure for tourism is good enough and it is improving constantly. As Inald said more than 90% of infrastructure as roads, hotels are new. Here are some tourist sightseeings:

Palasë is a village close to the Llogara National Park in the Albanian Riviera. In classical antiquity, there was a settlement of the Chaones, one of the three major ancient Greek tribes of Epirus, named Palaesti. On January 4, 48 BCE during his pursuit of Pompey, Julius Caesar landed in Palaeste.

Dhërmi is a village which is built on a slope of the Ceraunian Mountains at approximately 200 meters in altitude. Vuno and Ksamil  are the villages on the Albanian Riviera. Buthrotum was an ancient Greek and later Roman city.

Lake Koman Ferry is a passenger ferry service operated by several local companies along the Koman Reservoir in Northern Albania. The line is known for its breathtaking views of the mountain gorges, unscheduled stops along the way for serving locals, and the peculiar atmosphere of both locals, foreigners, and even animals being fitted on board up to full capacity.
Theth remains remote. It is most easily accessible by a 25 km unmade road from the village of Boga which is impassable during the winter months and is not generally suitable at any time of the year for motor vehicles without off-road capabilities.

Tropojë is a municipality in Kukës County, northern Albania, near the border with Kosovo.

Valbona Valley National Park, also called the "Albanian miracle of the Alps", is a part of the Prokletije mountain range. Clean air, high and characteristic mountain peaks, lakes, numerous water resources, forests, mountains, flora and fauna provide conditions for profitable ecotourism.

Inald shared with me the video about Albania which he made this summer. Here is the link”

As a photographer, Imald takes pictures of landscapes, portraits, weddings. The photo can keep a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.  Captured moment of life remains with us forever.

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