Saturday, February 28, 2015

Study English in The Terminal

Task: Write a letter to an investor about a new invention you have created.
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Attention to Mr. Tom Hanks

I know that you have ROYALTIES for the movie “The Terminal” and I’d like to SUGGEST you create a new project which is based on this film.
Here is my plan:

Your character in this movie studied English from zero to proficient. He was forced to learn English because according TO the plot he couldn’t leave the terminal of AN airport. Many people would repeat your way of studying language but in A more convenient situation.

I SUGGEST creatING a program (LIKE A game) based on the movie. We can create many dialogs there with the airport’s/AIRPORT staff, police, with passengers etc.

The purpose of the game is to give STUDENTS AN opportunity to BE IMMERSED in AN atmosphere of adventure and as a gift to reach A proficient level in English.
And Tom, it is an open letter. I’m publishing this letter TO my site:


The capital letters show some mistakes which were corrected by teacher Audrey Ross during the class on

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