Saturday, February 14, 2015

Borrow an Idea from Verbling and Create your Own Social Network

Task: Write an email to a coworker asking for help on a new project you would like to start.
Place: online school, the class of Audrey Ross

Hello Sergey,
You know, I have AN idea of creating A new social network. This project IS based on the interest of many people IN studying foreign languages. The idea to create this social net had appeared when I visited THE community on the site . You can try it, here is the link , it’s free, all you need is A google + account which is also free. I had some interesting conversations there and I know why they were interesting. It is because people come to that site for similar purposes: TO practice foreign languages AND TO GET new knowledge about different cultures and so on.

If we build A similar website and organize there possibilities of creating thematic hangouts and A blog for writing exercises, sharing links etc, we will achieve our goals: to become rich and successful entrepreneurs.      

This is A screenshot OF how it would work:
Let me know about your decision,

I'm not saying to use Verbling's intellectual property. It is more like an advertisement of verbling. It is a very great online school and I recommend explorING their site.

The capital letters show some mistakes which were corrected by teacher Audrey Ross

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