Thursday, February 12, 2015

February 7, 2015. Class with Teacher Cassidy Colgan on Thousand and One Nights.

Cassidy dedicated this class to reading of the story from the book "Thousand and one nights" and  discussion about it. The discussion was so interesting that I decided to reread this book again.

We made a remarkable comparison of using word "during" and "while". Cassidy suggested us to creat a sentence with "while" in the past simple form. We couldn't, only with during:
"During the class, we learned about grammar". One possible case of using word "while" is the past continues. "While we are listening to this audio, I remember the story."
Tip from Teacher: use while with present past continuous and what is very important: we made this conclusion ourselves, in natural way.
Teacher corrected some mistakes in building of word order.
I said: I read in English two books.
Right sentence : I read two books in English.
I said: He fell love to her.
Right sentence: He fell in love with her.

We had a short pronunciation discussion about words woman and women, photographer.

Thanks our teacher, Cassidy, I recovered in my memory one of the greatest book in human's history   "Thousand and one nights".


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