Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 7, 2015. Class with Teacher Katie Hankins on Weddings.

The teacher, Katie, dedicated this class to weddings vocabulary. We saw the pictures on the teacher's screen and tried to answer for Katie's questions.

We discussed if public proposal appropriate way or it need do private.
We discussed about customs in different countries, if it necessary to buy a gold ring for engagement. If we feel nervous, we can call this conditional cold feet. After girl accepts the proposal she becomes fiancee.

After couple decide to get married they become bride and groom. They need to prepare paper invitations for ceremony. Another name for the wedding's party is reception.

Groomsmen are groom's friends which are being invited for wedding's party, and bridesmaids are invited by bride. A best man and maid of honor need to prepare for speeches.

The task of a toast-master is to manage reception.

During the car's riding drivers honk their horn thus they demonstrate how happy new couple.

Typical clothe for bride are wedding gown and veil.

Honeymoon is a month after wedding when new couple enjoy life during vacation for instance.

In the last part of the class we watched fun video clip on youtube.
Friends Ross and Emily's Wedding II

The funny  and embarrassing situation had happened in this scene from serial Friends when they saying their vows.

Thanks out teacher, Katie Hankins, this class brushed up our vocabulary, it was very useful and fun.


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