Monday, February 2, 2015

Cheating As a Defense

This is a controversial topic which we discussed in the Lisa's class in the online school . This reading class was dedicate to article from Wired Magazine and had a provocative title: Why I Think Students Should Cheat.

The author put to the paper some arguments why cheating in the school not always bad.

The assessment's paper sometimes would be wrong if creators of it don't have enough qualification. They would have as purpose creating barrier for students, not through knowledge. Cheating sometimes would be the only way for surviving students in hostile environment and way for their adaptation to the future life.


Abductor - a person who makes someone go somewhere with them, especially using threats or violence (bad teacher in this case);

What's the catch?- It sounds good, but are there any hidden problems? Sounds too good to be true. What's the catch? (The author describes  ironically an duel between teacher and student during exam);
Cutting pliers -
It is akin to = like
denigrate = to put down

I think that students should  avoid cheating, I didn't use illegal forms of passing exams (almost, for exception when teacher silently allowed it). But I think the author gave powerful arguments for conclusion that: cheating of students is not big deal.

At least it is a good subject for discussion in the conversation class. Here are about 300 comments of this article:


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