Saturday, January 31, 2015

My Experience Attending a Free Online Course on

My Experience Attending a Free Online Course on

This is the second free online school which I attended. The title of the course is “A Beginners Guide to Writing in English.” I decided to attend this course for the following purposes:
To experiment with studying in new online schools;
To get to know new people, and new ideas about modern methods of studying language;
To improve and retain my writing skills in English.

I studied before in similar online school . They demanded the same basic rules from students, such as following a course schedule, participation in discussions through forums, taking quizzes and doing exercises. One difference that I noticed is that allows students to catch/make up past lessons if they could not do them during the definite/alotted/assigned time.

I was impressed by the number of students who are writing their comments in the forum chat. Comments were appearing every few seconds for hours after a/the discussion on a/the forum was started.

Video lectures of the course gave students basic knowledge about writing essays. It is very important to structure text into a few parts: introduction, body and conclusion.  We need to care about logical wholeness of all essays in the main part of the text.

Due to lack of time I wasn’t able to go through the whole course.  I did not participate in the discussion enough/as much as I would have liked to and I didn’t receive replies to my messages (yet?). But I liked the quality of material which I received there.


This text was corrected by teacher Norell Leung from online school

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