Friday, January 30, 2015

Nostalgia about present

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Flash fiction classes of Stephanie in online school are dedicated to discussion about meaning or more precisely the main idea of the story which we are reading.

Here is the link to the story:

In contrast to the stories which we read before this story doesn't focus on the plot. The narrator  describes feelings of future people who won't have possibility to interact with nature due global warming and other ecological disasters which will have happened there. The narrator brings to future world live honeybee from the past even the hive and it gives us hope that bright past would be returned.

Nostalgia will seize future generation about fresh air, clean water, trees, animals, food which would disappear, nostalgia about our present.

This story finishes with this passage: "...  in a future built from stolen pieces of the past, a wondrous thing happened. A honeybee fluttered its wings."

Sounds optimistic.

Once I compared deep discussions in the Stephanie's class with story which was pictured in the great movie "Dead Poets Society". Probably this feeling, nostalgia, will come to us in terms of flash-fiction classes.


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