Friday, January 9, 2015

My first class with Linguistiko

It was a very useful class in the online school We practiced with tricky words. Our teacher (Michelle) created a very positive atmosphere in the class and we had a funny discussion about confusing words.

I found interesting our discussion about which word should we put in the gap in this sentence:
She got ___ wrong on the test.
We had three options:  to, too, two.

I and another student decided to chose word “too”. But the right answer was “two”. Michelle explained us that in this sentence was omitted the noun “questions”. For English native speakers it sounds naturally: “She got _two_(questions)_ wrong on the test”.

I liked that this school used Google + hangout as a platform for the classes. I think for nowdays it is the best way for online education with excellent quality of sound, possibility using screen sharing and recording broadcasting (this class was recorded here


January 9, 2015

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