Monday, March 2, 2015

Free Trip to Australia from (free writing)

Free Trip to Australia from
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If I had the possibility to travel for free to any place, I would probably fly to Australia. Here are some reasons why.

Australia is located far away from the place where I live. This means that paying for this trip would be very difficult. Going there for free would be a treat.

Next, the nature of the continent is very different from Europe, where I live. Could I really meet a kangaroo just walking on the street? I hope so.

The culture of the aborigines who have been living in Australia is incredible interesting.

Let’s go ...     

Meeting with Jay Gatsby in Jazz Age
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If I had a chance to meet a character from a book, I would choose Jay Gatsby. The reason why I would choose Mr. Gatsby is because of the mystery the author  (F. Scott Fitzgerald) had left.

We don’t know much about Jay Gatsby. We don’t know what the source of his wealth was, and more importantly, the mystery behind his possible fate.

The book “The Great Gatsby” was dedicated to the Golden Age of the USA. It was the Jazz Age. How did the people feel in that time? What were they expecting for the next years? These questions have been explored by people since that time.

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