Saturday, March 21, 2015

How to Give a New Life to Your Computer (Linux is Coming)

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Linux is the third most popular operatiNG system for Desktop computers and the first aMong free and open systems. We can MAKE our old computers WORK very fast in this system, it is like giving our computers new life.

I’VE been exploring this system only three weeks and feel LIKE a new fan of THIS system. Here are some recommendations for people who decide to follow me in thIS interesting deal.

First of all download the program from the site. I chose Linux Ubuntu 14.04. It needs only 15 minutes TO INSTALL. And after that you are inside the new environment on your computer.
Linux includes lots of benefits from other programs. We can find inside Linux THE Internet browser Firefox, Office’s programs. Other programs could be installed. When I TALKED about my new hobby during the conversation in Google plus Hangouts, I saw a very intensive response from other people. Some of them shared their experience of using it, others revealed a big interest in exploring it.

And I’d like to mention one more benefit of studying this system. It is possibilE to practice English and communicate with A very big COMMUNITY THAT useS this gorgeous system. I know now that Linux is coming, let’s keep up with the times.


The capital letters show some mistakes which were corrected by teacher Audrey Ross during the class on

I needed to install Skype and teamviewer after installation Linux Ubuntu 14.04.2. without command sudo (but it needs to update the system using command sudo apt-get update). I followed to System Settings - Software & Updates - Other Software and picked all options including Canonical Partners. After that I chose a distribution Ubuntu 12.04 multi arch on Skype-site and after downloading the system offered me to install it through Ubuntu Software Centrer. Teamviewer was installed using the same method. The goal was achieved !

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