Sunday, January 1, 2017

Talking about Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Considering my request the class was dedicated to the city in South Africa, Port Elizabeth. Teacher Tebzar, who is from that city, told me about that part of the world.

The population of Port Elizabeth is 1.5 million people. And there are lots of tourists during the tourists seasons.

The tourists are attracted by the very affordable prices. The most popular option is B&B.

A bed and breakfast (typically shortened to B&B) offer overnight accommodation and breakfast. Bed and breakfast are also used to describe the level of catering included in a hotel's room prices, as opposed to room only, half-board or full-board.

Summerstrand is a beach suburb of Port Elizabeth. Staying there the tourists can takeĆ’ excursions to the safari. It needs only 50 minutes to reach the world on wild nature.
Being in Amakhala Game Reserve we can enjoy spectacular views and diverse landscape looking for the wildlife including the Big 5, black wildebeest, cheetah, giraffe, and zebra.
Here is the link to the Youtube video about this place:

The high season for tourist starts from the 1st December and ends on the 15th January. Many people plan their vacation for this time. Today’s temperature in Port Elizabeth is near 30 degrees in celsius (we had this class on the 1st January). The teacher recommended choosing another time to the trip for the purposes of saving money.

The winter for south Africa is the time from June to August. The lowest temperature in winter season could be 4 degrees but usual day’s temperature for the beginning of August 17 degrees.

The tourists come to Port Elizabeth from England, Germany, Netherlands. Tebzar said that Russians are rare guests in his city.

For the question about the public transport, Tebzar answered that bus service is reliable only from 8 am to 8 pm. He mentioned the notorious minivans as a possible transport but the word “notorious” has here a negative connotation (not regular, not reliable). Hiring the car for 100$ for a month is the better option.

As a final question, I asked Tebzar what could be the three top best destinations for tourists in south Africa. This question partly confused him because south Africa is so diverse country and the answer depends on what you want to see (modern civilization, wild nature, beaches, etc). Only after thinking he named his top list: Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth.

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