Friday, January 13, 2017

Recollections about France

We started a conversation in Today's class with the teacher Ilca on from a topic about history. For an unexpected question about "Which part of history do you like the most?" I had thought. As a child, I liked reading myths of ancient Greece, later read stories about an ancient Rome. In adolescence age I took a great interest in stories about French kings, I read all Alexandre Dumas novels. The most interesting part of history, for now, is Russian history. Let's come back in time and space and speak about France.

Ilca lives in Marcel. I was in Marcel too. I remember as we stood on a hill and admired the sea, the guide told us that it is a view for the island of the count Monte Cristo.

Next time I was in France in the castle of Carcassonne. Ii was an excursion from of Spain where we had a vacation. I remember that this place was preserved very well. The interiors, even the spirit of the time was kept untouched. I imagined how inhabitants organized the meetings in this court. One interesting memory was the medieval refrigerator. It looked like a water well, the stuff was cooling by water.

Being in Rouen I remember that this city connected with Joan of Arc. She was executed by burning on 30 May 1431 in Rouen.

Last time we were in a four-days trip to Paris. It was in late April and early May. We were not lucky with the weather, all the time was raining and it was cold. We visited the museums Louvre, Orse, Versailles. Once a month in Paris visitors can visit for free museums and we got this day the Musee d'Orsay. It was free, though we stood in a very large queue.

The history which I explored became visual when I visited Versailles. I was amazed by the size of Versailles territory. The separate place of Maria Antuanetta represented a beautiful picture of the French countryside.

This is a link to Youtube to BBC documentary about the history of Versailles: The Real Versailles (BBC, 2016)

The sun appeared on my last day in Paris, we ate the ice cream, the best ice cream in Paris (on the picture below)

We took pictures of Notre Dame Cathedral 
and just randomly chosen streets.

Life in Paris and France, in general, is more expensive than in other countries, it was noticeable when we stayed at the hotel in Montmartre and when we visited restaurants. One more benefit of being in Paris: we can reach any place using the only metro because the density and the number of the metro stations is a very high.

I told my teacher that I have a dream: to start to learn French.

I think it will remain only a dream because for learning a foreign language we need too much time which I don't have. The teacher Ilca replied that sometimes work seems impossible before we start to work. Probably I will think about studying French again.

All photos in this story were taken by me.

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