Sunday, January 15, 2017

Corrections from Ilalki

I'm very pleased to the people who corrected my texts for free. It is surprising that so great site as I underestimated before.

Correction from Scot Henry (the USA):
Here is the image of the page.
My typical mistakes:
1. Putting an indefinite article in the phrases: "an interesting country", "being a native English speaker" and "in a public place", "change a western cuisine", "to an Asian one"
2. Replacing indefinite article instead of definite article "in a place"
3. Removing of, it needs to write "a great opportunity living"

Correction from bluebottle (nickname on italki). He tries to correct the people's essays or notes according to formal English standards and also to keep their original meanings. He doesn't insist that these original essays are not interesting or entertaining. Indeed, they are sometimes far better written than the standard way (just think of 'Huckleberry Finn' by Mark Twain).
Here are the images of the correction page:
part 1 and part 2
My mistakes highlighted on these pages.

I am very grateful to people who corrected my essays and this prompted me to publish this analysis. This is information for the readership:

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