Sunday, January 22, 2017

Talking about Iraq

We had this conversation during the class on I requested the conversation about Iraq because the teacher Shivan lived in the North part of Iraq. Even I proposed to talk about sightseeings of Iraq, the conversation started from discussing current political situation.

Shivan lives now in Ukraine and he outlined his point of view for the current political situation there. It is the point of Kurdish person from North Iraq.

The situation in Iraq is a very complicated because of the war in Syria, ISIS. Iraqi governments spend a lot of money trying to cope with many problems. There are lot’s of weapon arrived from other countries. Terrorists established two states (in Syria and Iraq). It is very difficult to keep one country.

Shivan believes that it is a very hard to Iraq to be one country,

Shivan lived in the city Zakho located on the North of Iraq a few kilometers from the Iraqi-Turkish border. During the Skype session, we observed google map and discussed some pictures.

One of Zakho's famous landmarks is the Delal Bridge. It is made with large stones which add to the aesthetic value of the bridge and makes it a source of many theories as to how it was built. (The stones are very large, and there was no machinery available at that time.)

Pira Delal is believed to have been first built during the Roman era, while the present structure appears to be at a later date, Kurdish people all over Kurdistan visit the great Pira Delal as a monument of peace and enjoyment throughout the family. One of the legends regarding construction of the bridge relates that the hands of the builder were amputated to ensure that the bridge would remain unique.

I’d like to wish this ancient land a piece and happiness to people who lives there.

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