Saturday, January 7, 2017

Being bilingual in Montreal (Canada)

We discussed this topic in the trial class on
The teacher Skyler came from Swift Current which is a small city in southwest Saskatchewan in Western Canada. And now he is studying french in Montréal.

I asked the teacher to describe:
Is there a difference in English of French-speaking societies in Canada?
What it like to live in bilingual society?

The teacher told about Quebec which is a french speaking province in Canada. Quebec is the only one to have a predominantly French-speaking population, with French as the sole provincial official language. The tax rates are higher in Quebec than in other provinces in Canada. And the level of social guarantees is higher too.

The shop's assistants in stores answer you on the language which you use for asking questions, in French or English.

This topic Being bilingual in Montreal interested for me and I spent the extra time after the class exploring this issue by viewing a few videos on YouTube.

Here they are:
Montreal Store told employee not to speak English
Metro workers allegedly refuse to help English speaking customer
MontrĂ©al is a French city, not a bilingual city —Mayor Applebaum

There are a lot of interesting sightseeings for tourists in Canada. And one of the most spellbinding is a nature. After looking for the Canadian Rockies in Google images search the wish to visit this original country arises.

This is a World Heritage site, the Canadian Rockies (the segment of the North American Rocky Mountains).

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