Friday, January 20, 2017

Benefit of Cover Letter

I remember a time when I sent my CV to a big company. It was a company which assembles generators, reactors with steel tubes/pipes, etc. for use in Nuclear Plants.

It was surprising to me that nobody answered. I called the Human Resources Department and asked why they didn't invite me for an interview. The clerk explained that they received two thousand (2000) CV's and my number was 777.

He really tried to read them all but it wasn't possible due to the large number received. I informed him that I'm very suitable for this position and eventually they invited me for the meeting.

The purpose of Cover Letter is similar: to deliver CV to the employer. Obviously, it is very important to not recite your CV but to bring to the attention of the person to your CV.

This is an example of a formal introduction:

I am writing to enquire if you have any vacancies in your company. I enclose my CV for your information.

This is my suggestion of a possible beginning of the letter with less formal phrases:

I'm writing to you to ask about possible vacancies in your company. My CV is attached in this letter.
It would be not a bad idea to write the cover letter to yourself, incorporate in it your own hobbies (The Internet, technologies, Linux, foreign languages, etc) as an additional advantage.

We discussed this topic with the teacher Sunita, who is from India, in online English school . We agreed that the recommended style of Cover Letter should be different for example for India and for Russia.

A few suggestions of reframed sentences from teacher:

-I'm flexible and adaptable to change, coming forth with innovative ideas at work. At the same time eager to interact with colleagues, positive approach to teamwork aiming towards a healthy work environment.

-Effective communication is a major strength.

This text was corrected by Kasia Szklarek and Justin Laird (nicknames on Here are corrections: part 1 and part 2.

Kasia Szklarek's comment:

Well written!

"a" is used when there is one so you can omit that.

When you write in numbers, stick to numbers all the time (and vice versa with numbers written out I.e 200 vs two hundred)

just make a note of the word "to": not used in past tense (I called my friend) unless you say (I made a call to my friend)

you "get attention" from someone

you "bring attention" to yourself/your cv

You can also say something like: Your cover letter helps you stand out from other applicants and allows you to motivate further why you are a good fit for the company.

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